Calvin Gilmore Presents

The Christmas Show Of The South

The Carolina Opry Christmas Special

The Carolina Opry Christmas Special, often called “The Christmas Show of the South,” will open its 38th season of enchanting holiday performances on November 1. Gilmore works for months to create an unforgettable holiday experience, with his usual signature flair for production. Each year, the Christmas special brings stunning changes, beautifully blended with time-honored tradition to create a family experience that is second to none as new talent mingles with acclaimed rotating artists and long-standing Opry favorites. The only show in Myrtle Beach to be touted as “the real thing,” real talent, real production values, real entertainment—the “Top attraction in Myrtle Beach” according to CNBC, and a holiday tradition for over thirty years. The Carolina Opry Christmas Special brings the warm, wonderful, and fun spirit of Christmas to life with music, comedy and dance.

What’s in store for the 2023 season? The beloved Moses Braxton will be back for another magical season at The Carolina Opry Christmas Special. His legendary baritone voice is not just a gift; it’s a force of nature. It evokes memories, stirs passions, and transcends boundaries. It’s the kind of voice that lingers in your mind long after the final note has faded. The adorable Mia Curtis will also return for her second official season here at The Carolina Opry Christmas Special. Mia’s joyful presence is a testament to the magic of the holiday season, filling hearts with joy, wonder, and a renewed sense of hope. Just 13, Mia is balancing school and a busy dance competition schedule this season and will not be guaranteed in all performances.  

Among the award-winning cast, you’ll also see the renowned All That! Clogging Group, seen on NBC’s American’s Got Talent, Tangena Church, Christie Templeton, Chas Croft Sorrells, Nashville recording artist Brad Long, champion fiddler Trent Wideman, a bonus seasonal brass section, and 35 of the nation’s most talented vocalists and musicians—all accompanied by the Calvin Gilmore orchestra, led by Kevin Hughes with the Margaret Rice dancers in the holiday-embellished Carolina Opry Theater.

The Carolina Opry Theater is known throughout the Southeast for its extravagant holiday decor—an attraction in and of itself. In a dramatic one-week shut-down, the transformation into a winter wonderland begins as the crew spends all night and the entire following week preparing over 35 Christmas trees, 75 wreaths, 5 miles of tree lighting wire, countless tree ornaments, and mounds of Christmas snow, all presided over by the stunning 30-foot tree with more than 25,000 lights. House photographers are available for family photos in front of the splendid tree—many of them ending up on family Christmas cards.

Seats begin selling a year in advance, early reservations are strongly recommended.

David Whitesell
The Christmas Show was quite entertaining and well worth the price of admission. Very talented cast. I look forward to attending more shows here in the future.