The Carolina Opry Theater


Calvin Gilmore Presents

Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

Where is The Carolina Opry Theater located?
  • 8901 North Kings Hwy.  – Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
  • Next door to the Pirates Voyage, sharing the same parking lot.
What is The Carolina Opry Theater?
  • The Carolina Opry Theater is owned and operated by Gilmore Entertainment Group, LLC.  Visit our website to learn more about our shows, our History, and more theater FAQs.
How may I view the seat layout of The Carolina Opry Theater?
What shows are performed at The Carolina Opry Theater?
What does “ASM” mean?
How do I access ASM?
What do I do if I do not have a user account, or if I forgot my password?
  • Please contact your company administrator.  They are able to create, edit, and reset passwords for user accounts.
  • Not sure who is your company administrator?  You may reach The Carolina Opry Theater call center (843) 913-4000 and request a call back for assistance.
Why can’t I just call the theater to make reservations, or to make changes to reservations, for our guests?
  • The ASM system allows you access to an exclusive inventory of seats and enables you to be able to process orders for your guests 24/7.
  • The ASM system enables you to make reservations, and to cancel reservations as needed – both up until 2 hours prior to show time.
    • For bookings or cancellations that are needed within 2 hours of show time you may fax the request to (843) 913-1442.
  • The ASM system allows you to access special exclusive pricing options to your guests not available through any other sales channel.
  • The ASM system keeps a written record of orders processed, as well as cancellations, and greatly helps improve the quality of service provided to guests.
  • The ASM system allows you to print the actual tickets for your guests.  This allows them to bypass the line at the Theater Box Office.  It also ensures the information is all correct (Show name, Show date, Show Time, Guest Name, quantity of tickets, actual seating location, etc.)
    • You may also re-print the tickets if tickets are lost or misplaced.
What happens when an order is completed on the ASM system?
  • The booking agent has the opportunity to print the tickets to a local report printer on standard 8.5×11 paper.
  • The company administrator for your company will receive an email that includes the details of the order.
  • The Carolina Opry Theater will receive a copy of the order.
How do I process orders for guests with Special Needs?
  • Guests with a hearing impairment may request “Phonic Ear” hearing assist devices at the theater box office.  There are a limited number of devices available and they may not be reserved in advance.
  • All aisle seats on the ground floor are designated as “Aisle Transfer Seats”.  The only exceptions are the outside aisles of sections D and H.  This means guests with a mobility impairment may transfer from a walker or wheel chair into any of these aisle seats – allowing them many more seating options and allowing them to view the show from the comfort of our amazing seats.
  • Guests that must remain in their wheel chairs may be booked into our Wheelchair Accessible seats.
    • On the ASM system you may locate these seats in the first & last rows of sections D and H.
      • If those seats are not available in ASM, or if the guest request other seating options, you may fax the request to (843) 913-1442.
    • These seats are on the ground floor and very near entrances and exits.