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The Best Shows in Myrtle Beach

Produced by the leader in live entertainment, Calvin Gilmore, and highly acclaimed by countless National media – these shows set the standard. If you are looking for the best live entertainment attractions in Myrtle Beach, look no further than The Carolina Opry Theater.

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The Carolina Opry Theater

The impressive variety of live music shows in Myrtle Beach can be traced back to one man, Calvin Gilmore, and his singular vision that first-rate entertainment could thrive along the Grand Strand.

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Planning a group, corporate, or school event and looking for the best LIVE entertainment in Myrtle Beach?, Then look no further than The Carolina Opry Theater! We’ve been the #1 Group Destination for over 30 years! With 4 award winning shows to choose from we’ve got something for everyone!

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How to buy your tickets



Important:?be sure to turn off any pop-up blockers BEFORE beginning the online buying process. Online ticket purchasing uses flash and will not work from most mobile devices.


From any page on our site you will see ?Buy tickets now? in the upper, right-hand corner.




This will take you to our ?shows? page where you can see information for all of our shows, just click ?book now? by the show of your choice to begin booking.




The next page will show you a series of shows and dates, select the month on the left and the show dates in that month will be on the right. Multiple shows may be listed so be sure to look at both the show name and date when selecting your show, click ?buy tickets.?




The next page will give you some options and show you a mini seating chart. To select your own seats from our detailed seating chart click ?view seat map.? You do not need to fill out the other items on this page, you will be directed to a new window when you select ?view seat map? and you will fill in those options there. The interactive seating chart may take a few seconds to load. If you need ADA/Handicap accessible seating you will see a link near the bottom of this window, click that link instead and see further booking instructions here. Note: You may book handicapped seating online be we recommend you call the box office to reserve these seats so that our staff can help you find the best seats possible for your needs.




Hover your mouse over the section that you are interested in and it will give you a summary of what is available in that area. Click the section and it will tell you how many seats are together. Click ?Select seats from this area? and you will be taken to a greater detailed map of that section.




Prices will appear on your left and detailed seating on your right. You can also use the buttons at the top left and right of the seats to navigate to the detailed view of other sections. When you have found the seats you want simply click each seat and it will be added to your order and a check mark will appear on each seat. When you are finished selecting click ?Review your selection? where you will see each seat and review pricing.




On your left you will see a drop down menu for each seat, use this to select child and/or student pricing if applicable. (Identification may be required to pick up child or student tickets.) On the right you will see the location of each seat and the price. To remove any seats just click the red x at the right. Need to add a seat? Just click ?Return to the map? and your seats will still be checked and you can add or remove seats. When you are satisfied with your seats click ?Proceed to checkout.?




Here you may add another event to your purchase, click ?add another event? and complete the process again for the other show you would like to purchase. If you are not adding another event and you are happy with the chosen seats, click ?continue.?




At this point you can enter your username and password if you have one or you can bypass that and click ?continue? to move right on to credit card information.




Fill out your payment information, click ?submit? and you are almost finished. This is not the final step of the order, you will select delivery in the next step.




Next, choose your delivery method. Select ?Print at home? to print your own tickets, complimentary, or select ?choose one? drop down menu to select Mail for $3 or will call, complimentary. All sales are final so please review your order carefully before completing the final step. Enter and confirm your email address and phone number, click ?buy tickets? and you are finished! You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. If you have any problems purchasing tickets please call our box office at 800-843-6779





Print at Home Ticket Instructions


(You may also?want to see our FAQ about Print at Home.)


If you chose ?Print at home? your email will contain a link to print your tickets at home. REMINDER ? you must disable any pop-up blockers BEFORE attempting to view your print at home tickets. Your confirmation email will appear like below, with the link to your tickets above your seating details. If you receive a confirmation email that is blank, there is a problem with your pop-up blocker. In this case, please call our box office and we will help you resolve the issue.




The link will take you to a page with a review of your seats, select the seats you would like to print and click ?view and print tickets.?




Your tickets should pop up in a new window and you are ready to print! Consider these tickets as actual tickets, if you lose these tickets someone could use them. Each ticket contains a bar code that is scanned upon arrival that that ticket is no longer valid once it has been scanned, so multiple tickets or photocopies will not be accepted. Your ticket will appear similar to below. Please print each whole ticket on a full page of standard sized paper. If you have any problems with your tickets please call the box office at 800-843-6779.





ADA/Handicapped Seating Instructions


(For information on the best seating for other special need such as height, please see our Special Needs Seating Tips.)


Note: You may book handicapped seating online be we recommend you call the box office to reserve these seats so that our staff can help you find the best seats possible for your needs. You must select ?Click here for ADA/Handicapped accessible seating? in the bottom left of the initial booking screen. At this time our ticketing system will not allow you to choose your exact seats when purchasing accessible seating online so please DO NOT select ?view seat map.”




The next window will ask you to select the number of seats and the pricing tier. If you already selected those options in the previous window you will have to do it again. (Identification may be required for discounted tickets.) The system will select the best available seats according to the options you chose. The rest of the booking process will continue as above. If you have questions about the exact location please call our box office at 800-843-6779.